Portalp’s sports and professional partnerships


An internationally-oriented French company that takes pride in its local roots

Historically based in Fontaine for nearly 60 years, Portalp has always remained faithful to its founding region near Grenoble.

Portalp participates in the local community through numerous sports, associative, and humanitarian partnerships.

Our company confirms its commitment in national and international competition and supports smaller associations in which its staff is involved.

Our employees are able to share the passions and values they and the company hold dear: mutual aid, team spirit, and challenging ourselves.

PORTALP joined the circle of FC Grenoble Rugby and Frelons de Varces partners to affirm their support for the local community and participate in their founding region. These partnerships are an incredible adventure to share the mindset and values that are important for Portalp.

Our sports partnerships

FC Grenoble Rugby

As the Grenoble rugby club’s historic partner, Portalp unconditionally supports and shares the FCG’s values of strength and pride! Our employees, clients, and partners are regularly invited to the Stade des Alpes to support the FCG and take in the arena’s electric atmosphere! They know they are good in Grenoble!

FC Grenoble Rugby


“Our staff is passionate about rugby. They won’t skip a single match!”

Frelons de Varces

Frelons de Varces: team sports also have a family and community aspect that, while more discreet, remains just as passionate. To be a part of the picture, Portalp supports the Varces roller hockey team in the town south of Grenoble, France, whose main team is in the National 2 league. Several members of our company are personally involved in the club.

Frelons de Varces


“Jean-Marc G., our industrial director, is the equipment manager for the Frelons”
“Jérôme P., our after-sales technician, is proud to be the first team’s goaltender.”
Mechanical sports have been a strong passion for decades in the Duponchel family that owns the group.

Elle se traduit par un engagement régulier de nombreux membres de la famille dans des compétitions de niveau national au volant de bolides arborant les couleurs de notre entreprise.


Peugeot 308 Racing Cup


In 2018, we participated in the Trophy Tourism Endurance. 2019 saw greater power and new challenges with the participation of David Duponchel in the Peugeot 308 Racing Cup as part of the Team JSB Competition led by Julien Briché, one of the star racers in this category.

It was a chance for our brand to be represented on tracks as prestigious as Spa-Francorchamps, Hockenheim, and Le Castellet. We regularly organize receptions in connection with these events to share our passion with our customers.

Professional partnerships


Portalp is actively involved in the automatic pedestrian doors working group at Actibaie, a professional group of manufacturers and installers. Their main objective is to insure installations are secure and compliant with standards and regulations.

Enseigne et innovation

Portalp has long been a member of this club that brings together technical directors and works and maintenance managers from the distribution chain. Discussions seek to share and develop innovative technological solutions.


Portalp belongs to the security/safety working group of this association that brings many companies together. The association focuses on regulatory monitoring, discussions with public authorities, and drafting regulations.



Each year, Portalp takes part in the Aditel Forum that brings together security managers and key suppliers in the banking industry. 250 professionals discuss issues concerning the constant changes in malicious acts and the potential solutions to counter them.


Portalp is an active member of the Association for the Prevention and Study of Contamination, the French leader in the standardization of cleanroom technologies, whose objective is the control of particulate, biological or chemical contamination problems.


After a strategic business review of the US market, Portalp has decided to cease its operations in the USA.
We apologize for this situation and hope that our current partners/distributors will satisfy your needs.

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