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Why choose an automatic pedestrian door?


For almost 60 years now, Portalp has designed and manufactured automated opening systems, from the first hydraulic operators to the connected automatic doors that we are introducing on the market today.

Pedestrian automatic doors are installed on a wide variety of commercial, industrial, administrative, public, and hospital sites. Additionally, they open and close automatically to give you more freedom of movement and save energy.

Whether to create a warmer welcome, improve accessibility or aesthetics, regulate traffic flow, or maintain your temperature and save energy, Portalp’s teams produce automatic doors that are up to the challenge. They also adapt to your technical and operational constraints and comply with security and accessibility standards and regulations.

Ultimately, our Diva, Tina, Lumina, Diva Ecoenergy and now Portalp RS series of automatic sliding doors with our ISO3 swing door operators cover all the needs of a growing market.


Automatic pedestrian doors

Portalp RS

Portalp RS

Portalp RS : a new generation of automatic doorsSimply THOUGHT FOR YOU! The new PORTALP RS shows its innovative character. Its new compact design and motorization with new technology allow you to choose your door in sliding and telescopic versions. Installed on...

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