Automatic pedestrian doors SYNERGY

Synergy Automatic Sliding Door

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Elegance & Intelligence combined with strength and performance.

Perfect solution for new construction or integration into existing structures. Suitable for public places with heavy traffic flow such as retail, health care, leisure, etc.

Features and benefits

  • Powerful motor.
  • Battery back up in case of power failure.
  • Logic box for managing the integration of all features including keypads, alarm systems, etc.
  • Control interfaces that offer high performance with user-friendly technology (Visioblu, Naviblu).
  • Four heavy-duty Delrin rollers per panel for smooth & quiet movement.
  • Carriage cleaning system to minimize dust and debris.
  • Glass stops for easy glazing & glass replacement.
  • Full vertical height interlock with double weatherstrip seal for optimizing energy conservation.
  • Full breakout capability for maximum egress.
  • Aesthetically pleasing contoured profile.
  • Modular assembly allows for easy installation and minimizes wiring time.
  • Scissor feature at top of SX panels keeps doors aligned and guides panels back into place after “break out”.

Hyperfrequency detection and active Infrared safety

6-position key selector / 3.2” & 1.6”

Control & Detection Devices

Hyper frequency radars ensure reliable performance and movement detection. The monitored infrared safeties detect any presence in the passageway or any obstacle hindering the panel closure.

Naviblu & Visioblu Access Control

User-friendly and high-performance control interfaces. They allow easy driving, easy adjusting and easy communication with the door. The LCD screen indicates the door’s state in the most universal language that consists of pictograms, figures and international measuring units.

Visioblu, operates with the S remote control

Naviblu, a wall mounted door control