Installation of DIVA automatic doors in a Dutch retirement home

Installation of 3 automatic sliding doors

A beautiful realization of our Dutch distributor COENEN. These are three large DIVA 5 automatic doors in a retirement home with two-part headers to allow installation on different floors.

The assemblies in Maastricht (NL) were carried out by our loyal distributor Coenen. Main brackets in two parts, headers and reinforcements in three parts.

The result of this custom-made installation, carried out with the help of our export manager for Europe and Asia, is well worth it!

  • On the 1st floor, the automatic pedestrian door measures 5240 mm wide by 2125 mm high.
  • On the 2nd floor, the width is 5235 mm for a passage height of 2160 mm.
  • Finally on the 3rd floor, the smallest of the three doors with “only” 5060 mm wide for a passage height of 2155 mm.
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DIVA 5 sliding doors

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Manufacturer : PORTALP
Installation by our distributor in the Netherlands: Coenen
Type of door: 3 automatic sliding doors, 2 side fixed parts.
Place of installation: Maastricht (Netherlands)
Color: RAL 7016
Profile range: G38
Door operator: DIVA 5

COENEN Automatische Deuren

Portalp distributor since : 2015
Country: Netherlands
Website : Coenen