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Thermal break door

DIVA ECOENERGY is Portalp’s thermal break sliding door.

Diva Ecoenergy is the first thermal break door to be released on the market.

It combines technical performance and design to improve buildings’ thermal comfort in winter and summer.

The automatic thermal break door encourages natural light to reduce the need for artificial lighting (saving energy).

Our product benefits

  • Thermal performance and comfort
  • New, clean design
  • Thermal transmission coefficient Uw : 2W/m²°K
  • Insulating panes up to 36 mm


  • Installation :  surface applied, between walls and against posts
  • Reinforced header : 200 mm x 200 mm
  • Maximum opening height: 3 100 mm
  • 1-leaf opening width : minimum 750 mm up to 1 800 mm
  • 2-leaf opening width: minimum 900 mm up to 2 900 mm
  • Control and detection mechanisms: Naviblu 2, Visioblu S remote control, infrared security, etc.


Improves the energy performance of service, administrative, and commercial building…


  • Thermal break crémone locks (European cylinder)
  • Thermal break key lock (European cylinder)
  • Floor-recessed skirting from 0 to 16 mm
  • Exterior emergency thermal break unlocking


  • ANSI 156.10: Full energy power operators
  • UL 325: Power door operators
  • NFPA 101: Life Safety Code
  • FCC part 15: Unintentional radiators


    The Ud calculator allows you to obtain a approximate value of the insulating performance of an automatic door with a thermal break, fitted with a G50 frame and low-emissivity coated double glazing (4.2/krypton gas/44.2 Warm edge low emissivity).

    Dimensions of your bay

    Installation conditions


    Your result

    G50 chassisUd coefficient0.0

    Profiles with thermal break
    Performance double glazing


    G38 chassisUd coefficient0.0

    Standard profiles
    Standard double glazing

    G25 ChassisUd coefficient0.0

    Standard profiles
    Standard single glazing

    Would you like to receive the Ud calculation for your door?

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    What is the Ud coefficient?

    The Ud coefficient indicates the door's insulation performance. It measures the heat loss of the door as a whole, taking into account the type of frame and glazing used and the installation conditions.

    The lower the Ud value (W/m². K), the better the insulation of your door and the lower your energy consumption. Essentially made of glass, the Ug coefficient is the key factor for an insulating automatic door.

    This calculator gives you a basis for comparison, to be refined according to your door.



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