A curved sliding door for an American hotel

Designing, manufacturing, transporting, and installing a curved sliding door


Forget the image of the traditional Holiday Inn in Brooklyn, New York—we inaugurated a new concept in this hotel whose entrance needed to be a showcase of the original and sophisticated ambiance it offers to clients. It was important that the design of the main entrance be consistent with the conference center on the first floor and the building’s curved facade.

It was only natural that a large curved automatic door was chosen supported by a big crossmember.

In compliance with the safety and energy efficiency constraints, the door was equipped with a G38 SBO breakout system and filled with laminated glass.

The steel structure supporting the door was built according to the blueprints of the architect in charge of the project, a structure perfectly suited to the shape of the door but technically complex due to its large size, the curved materials, and the light anodized finish.

The Portalp USA team skillfully took on the challenge. The installation was overseen by Miguel Sanchez and Aria Garousi in nine days: three for installing the enormous curved steel structure, followed by three days to install the DIVA curved door and its large glass leaves, the fanlight and glass facades were executed in two days, and the last day was spent on the final configurations and various finishes (installation of a coating, sealing the facade elements, etc.). It’s a technical exploit that many visitors can now enjoy every day.


  • The G38 SBO breakout system
  • A structure designed and manufactured in steel to handle the door’s load
  • Big sizes
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Technical solutions

Logistics management

USA curved sliding door technical sheet

Manufacturer : PORTALP
Installation : PORTALP USA
Door type : curved sliding
Place of installation : New-York, USA
Width : 5,841 mm
Opening width : 2,986 mm
Depth : 1,541 mm
Height :  2,621 mm
Opening height :  2,400 mm
Radars : 4 Ixio ST radars, 1 Ixio DT1 radio on the outside, 1 Ixio DT3 radar on the inside
Glass : 55/2 light laminated glass
Finish : anodized
Color : AS1
Motorization : DIVA


After a strategic business review of the US market, Portalp has decided to cease its operations in the USA.
We apologize for this situation and hope that our current partners/distributors will satisfy your needs.

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