The fire-rated Diva RS, an automatic fire-resistant sliding glass door

Fire-rated Diva RS door

How do you combine fire protection with the comfort of an automatic door? The fire-rated DIVA RS provides a luminous door that lets natural light through, facilitates access to all, and ensures fire safety in the event of an emergency.

In the event of a fire, shutting the door to compartmentalise the building is the first priority

PORTALP RS is equipped with an all-new combination of technologies, including CAN buses that facilitate connecting and communicating with all the door’s associated devices. It can easily be connected to a fire alarm through an Actuated Safety Mechanism (ASM) compliant with NFS 61937-1 and -3 standards. A manual trigger installed next to the door also allows users to trigger the immediate shutting of the door in an emergency.

The door’s Controlled Gravitational Energy (CGE) system ensures the safe and constant closing of the door thanks to a counterweight, without need for any external energy source.


30-minute fire resistance

The fire-rated DIVA RS is equipped with rugged leaves that can withstand fire for 30 minutes. They combine a specifically designed chassis with three chambers and Contraflam® 30 panes in order to stop fire propagation for 30 minutes – enough time to evacuate the building.

The door unit is rated EI2-30 and certified NF “Metal fire-resistant doors” in compliance with EN 1634-1 / EN 13501-2 standards relative to the resistance of construction products and components.


Whether used as a door unit or more, the fire-rated DIVA RS can be adapted to all your needs

The door is available as a single sliding model opening on the right or left, or as a double sliding model with central access, with or without fixed leaves. It must be installed on a durable aerated concrete base or on a fire-resistant lightweight partition. The light version of the door is paired with fixed panes and transoms to form a fire-rated façade. The completed structure is subject to a fire-safety inspection.


The comfort of an automatic door

As with all automatic Portalp doors, the fire-rated DIVA RS is equipped with a powerful and versatile operator combining several technologies. It also comes with various user safety mechanisms for passing through and opening. Finally, it can be remotely operated by your smartphone thanks to the Autodoor Pilot app.




After a strategic business review of the US market, Portalp has decided to cease its operations in the USA.
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