Portalp attends the inauguration of its Indian distributor’s new plant!


We are proud to have been present and to have supported our Indian partner, Ambica, during the inauguration of its new factory located in Bangalore. Our General Manager, Mr. Laurent FRAYSSINET, was a guest of honour and had the opportunity to attend this event, marking a significant milestone in this fruitful collaboration initiated over a year ago.

Ambica, Portalp distributor of automatic doors in India, equips its new plant with a showroom featuring a dedicated 300 m² space for Portalp products. Thanks to this showcase, visitors can discover the automatic doors we offer in the Indian market.

This showroom includes:

These exhibited models illustrate the diversity and French quality of Portalp products that meet the highest standards in terms of performance and design. As a trusted distributor in India, Ambica has successfully integrated our products into its new showroom, providing its customers with the opportunity to discover the latest innovations in automatic doors.

    Our presence at this event highlights our commitment to our partner and our desire to support its growth. It demonstrates the importance we attach to this partnership and our investment in the Indian market.



      After a strategic business review of the US market, Portalp has decided to cease its operations in the USA.
      We apologize for this situation and hope that our current partners/distributors will satisfy your needs.

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