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Swing door operator

The ISO3 electro-mechanical operator is an effective solution for a variety of applications.

Installed over the passageway, this electro-mechanical operator provides an easy and fast automation solution to a swing door, whether new or renovated. ISO3 makes it easier for people to move and solves a variety of access problems in many kinds of buildings with moderate to high traffic.

Its aluminum header with a smooth, modern design hides a powerful operator capable of operating leaves of up to 250 kg.

Its agility also lies in its high configurability and its easy connection to other equipment: programmable inputs and outputs that connect to indoor/outdoor radars, opening/closing safety devices, switch-type controls, electric locking by strike plate or door holders, etc.

It comes with many features to allow it to operate in a variety of modes (automatic, open, closed, manual, door closer, etc.) with low energy use to allow weaker individuals to move about calmly. The “Push & Go” feature triggers opening automatically by simply pushing on the leaf.

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ISO3 swing door operator


  • Pushing stay: left/right opening
  • Guide rail pulling arm: left/right opening
  • Radars and detections
  • Hands-free or manual opening controls
  • Key-based mode selector
  • Console to change mode and for user settings
  • Close-door function by return spring
  • 3-position selector: open/automatic/manual
  • Reset button
  • Door status signaling


  • Maintain good hygiene while allowing traffic flow : in hospitals, clinics, etc.
  • Make it easy for customers to access public buildings, administrative buildings, stores, hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • Improve the flow for travelers in airports, etc.
  • Provide safety and comfort to retirement and nursing home residents.


  • RAL finish of the header cover
  • Custom single or double header cover
  • The ISO3 operator can be installed on an Emergency exit door in compliance with public building regulations and the EN16005 standard.
  • In its Fire rated version, it meets fire safety standards with a force configurable from EN3 to EN6 (NFS 61937-1-2 standard).
  • Works with an airlock effect.


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