Hospital doors

In healthcare, reception is a question of comfort and efficiency: how can we help users with reduced mobility, make it easier to move beds and wheelchairs, and respect rules of hygiene and sterility in operating rooms by avoiding touching doors with our hands?

Heavy-traffic and wide-opening automatic doors make it easier to move beds. The detection systems are adapted to detect carts or users with reduced mobility.

For operating rooms, we offer hermetically sealed doors designed to maintain good hygiene and a sterile environment to create a barrier of defense.

In X-ray rooms, we must protect against X-ray. X-ray doors offer this protection while allowing for different styles of leaves with or without windows.

In other controlled environments that don’t require a hermetic door, doors with controlled leakage flow limit airflow to manage (positive or negative) differences in pressure effectively and to maintain the level of hygiene required in recovery rooms, laboratories, etc.

Product benefits

  • Comes in leakage control or X-ray protection versions
  • Hands-free or push-button (elbow or foot) opening
  • Designed to respect constraints for cleaning and decontamination

Our installations in hospitals and the healthcare sector



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