How to control the traffic flow according to flight departures and arrivals? How to optimize routes for passengers that are hurry to get back their luggages?

Automatic doors bring a reliable and flexible solution for the comfort of travellers who have heavy luggage and who appreciate a large door opening from the airport entrance to the plane...

Millions of passengers are in transit in an airport. The traffic flow must be perfectly controlled according to flight departures and arrivals. Our automatic doors made for high traffic areas meet all safety requirements for people and buildings. Thanks to their high level of performance and reliability, they can be connected to a mainframe computer which organizes and to optimizes the traffic flow in real-time.

  • Their large opening brings a big comfort to users with luggage or trolleys.
  • Their adjustability allows them to be installed in any kind of space, in inside or in front of buildings.

Few references

ZURICH (Switzerland) Airport, BASEL (Switzerland) Airport, HANOÏ Airport (Vietnam), St BARTHELEMY Airport (Guadeloupe), CASABLANCA Airport (Morocco), St PIERRE Airport (Réunion), BRATISLAVA Airport (Slovakia), FIUMICINO Airport (Rome - Italy), LINATE Airport (Milan – Italy), CROTONE Airport (Italy), ISTANBUL Airport (Turkey), PRAGUE Airport (Czech Rep.), PARIS-ROISSY Airports (France), LYON Airports (France), Dzaoudzi Airport (Mayotte) …