ISO operator to automate swing doors

A performant solution for many applications.


ISO3 is the suitable choice for all applications that requires an important people flow management, an optimum security for users, a high movement flexibility for people with reduced mobility or high hygiene conditions and smooth the access in sensible space.

This new operator insures a reliable and secured opening without structural works. In every place, he knows to be discreet while facilitating the people flow. His flexibility allows many configurations: pushing or pulling arm, right or left opening, suitable for simple or double doors.
Fully configurable, ISO3 answers to a wide range of use, in public buildings, administrations, hotels, restaurants, airports, but also in retirements care home, in hospitals and medical facilities.

Under its soft and rounded shape aluminum cover is hiding a powerful operator able to manage door leafs up to 250 kg.

His agility also resides on its configuration capabilities and his faculty to be connected with a wide range of equipment: programmable inputs/outputs to connect in and out radars, opening/closing safety systems, switch-type commands, electro-mechanic or electro-magnetic lock…

It provides its users with many functionalities as different running mods (automatic, opened, closed, door closer…), low energy programming to insure a soft opening for the elderly and handicapped, Push&Go programming to open the door thanks to a simple push on the leaf.


The ISO3 operator can be installed on an emergency exit, in accordance with the regulation for public access building or in accordance with the EN16005 regulation.


The fire-rated model answers to the fire safety standards with an adjustable closing force level from EN3 to EN6  (standard NFS 61937-1-2).