Operator to automate swing doors

ISO3 electromechanical operator, a performant solution for a wide range of applications.

Installed above a swing door, this electro-mechanic operator brings a simple and quick automation solution for all kind of swing door, new or renovation.

ISO 3 make the people flow easier, answering to a lot of access problematics in all kind of buildings, from light to heavy traffic flow.

Facilitate access for customers
in public institutions, administrative and office buildings, retailers, hotels, restaurants…
Increase passengers flow 
in airports, passenger terminals...
Bring comfort and security
to retirement care home residents and retirement homes...
Preserve hygiene while facilitating traffic flow
in hospitals, clinics ...
ISO3-Operateur Porte Battante Portalp-042016
Discover ISO3, the ideal choice for all applications that require:
  • Power and management for high traffic.
  • Safety of people and buildings in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Flexible and soft opening for disable people.
  • Comfort, hygiene and ease of access in sensitive areas
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