Porte automatique Anti-X

Hospital Doors


Acting as a sanitary barrier, the HDS CLEAN comes from now on in X-Ray version to bring the necessary protection against X-rays in the radiography rooms (hospitals, clinics, dental offices, laboratories, research institutes...)



In the radiography rooms where people protection against X-Ray is essential, the opening systems are equipped with safety devices interrupting the radiation.

The Anti-X version of the HDS CLEAN door meets this requirement. The lead sheets inserted into the leaf and the wall insure a safe protection against the X-Rays.
The lead shielding is inserted at the heart of the leaf: this one can be then covered in every types of cover adapted in the condition of use and in the cleaning contraints : aluminium, stainless steel, melamine, High Pressure Laminated wood... 

The HPL wood are very often used for their density and their high resistance. Various colours are proposed to integrate perfectly doors into their environment.

The leaf could be equipped by a X-Ray and bi-flushing window to allow a visualization Inside the room.