Full Break-Out Doors



The new full breakout automatic door has been developed to meet all market requirements in term of security in public resorts. It offers more flexibility and more comfort of use.

Its audacious conception allows to be installed with all operators types : Tina, Diva LC, Diva…

  • Optimal safe operation
  • New profile design
  • Comply with safety regulations (CO48)

In normal operation, the Full breakout door behaves like a traditional sliding automatic door. In breakout operation, sliding and semi-fixed leaves swing on the side and provide largest possible opening.

The full breakout door can also be used as emergency door but also to have a largest possible opening when bulky objects must be moved out (cars, furniture…).

A few characteristics

- Ergonomics profiles, round shapes, anti finger plucking
- Operator casing : depens of the operator range choice (Height X Deep)
                          DIVA          200 X 175mm
                          DIVA L       210 X 140mm
                          TINA          102 X 212mm
- Passage width                   Simple   750 to 1200mm
                                             Double   900 to 2400mm
- Passage height                  up to 2800mm
- Max weight per leaf            up to 100kg (according to operator range)
- Thicknesses aluminium frame     G38/38 mm
- Max glazing thickness        up to 26mm (simple or double glazing)

A few options

- IME device CO48 standard (French standard)
- Simple or double IR barrier / IR curtain
- Electrical locking
- Internal locking by rack
- RAL color finish, natural or color anodized, special lacquering...