Specialist in Automatic Doors for more than 50 years, PORTALP has developed a specific range for hospital and medical field. The range consists of various models which differ by their degree of airtightness.

Make easier the beds passage, meet the hygiene and sterility rules in medical field, help disabled people with movement problems or with wheelchair.… Automatic doors bring efficient solutions to  contraints linked to medical and hospital activities.
It insure both the users and buildings safety, and provide  a great daily comfort for the medical staff and the patients...

Hermetic sliding door


HDS CLEAN ensures an hermetic closure against air, dust, chemical or bacteriological attacks.

100% hermetic up to 25 Pa, it displays a low leakage flow of 0,10m³/h/m² under 50 Pa.
Its remarkable airtightness performances, certified by laboratory tests, make this door a reliable and safety equipment particularly adapted to operating theatre, disinfections rooms, sterile chambers, clean rooms or any premises with controlled environment.

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Sliding Door with Controlled Leakage Flow

MarquageEtanchéité_DLC-HDS_EN MarquageEtanchéité_DLC-G25_EN

The DIVA L CLEAN sliding door is designed to area where the air permability have to be controlled with a wider tolerance in the airtightness rate. Equipped with a device that allows the air flow regulation, DIVA L CLEAN is very general-purpose and adapts to various uses in medical environment.

It can be equipped either with a glazed leaf for area where a surveillance is necessary (recovery room...) or an hermetic leaf, the same as HDS CLEAN door with a performant airtightness.

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Hospital swing door

The ISO H swing door associates a powerful swing door operator and a specific leaf adapted to medical and hospital field.

It allows the automation of 1-leaf or 2-leaf swing doors in any places where hygiene rules have to be observed and where it is not appropriate to touch door handles.

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