PORTALP's aim is to help the environment by optimising the energy performance of buildings. Today PORTALP proudly announces the first Thermal Break Automatic Door "DIVA ECOENERGY".

The energy performances improvement in building means to consider all the façade elements. If the glass illustrates the current building trends inside as outside, the glazed facades quite as the automatic door have to answer more than ever 2 objectives: make cross a maximum of light (solar contribution) while isolating at most to reduce the decreases.
The DIVA ECOENERGY Thermal Break Automatic Door provides optimal comfort in summer or winter as well as reducing your energy bills. PORTALP uses its knowledge and expertise to provide innovative solutions to answer higher thermal performance requirements (RT2005, RT2010 project ).
  • DIVA ECO ENERGY displays a Thermal transmission coefficient of 2 W/m².K (bay H2700xW4190 - or passage H2500 x W2000 mm).
First Thermal Break Automatic Door on the market, its thermal performance is based on the interaction of three essential components:

  • a casing using thermal break technology, with round and modern lines, covers the door operator
  • a frame using thermal break technology stops the formation of thermal bridges with the structure whatever is the installation solution Surface Applied or Between walls
  • a low emissivity double glazing with argon is associated with the frame, and insures a successful insulation between the inside and the outside of the building.

More, numerous options are possible in term of orders, detection and safety devices, to meet every project needs. With a wide choice of finishes, DIVA ECOENERGY also authorizes any style expression to be harmonious with any facade.

ECOENERGY calculator: Let's calculate in a few clicks the savings realised with the DIVA ECOENERGY door.

Download the ECOENERGY calculator