Augmented Reality enters the world of Automatic Door

Augmented reality and its many applications  is gradually entering our daily lives.  It also appeals to the world of the automatic door and creates a link between the real world and the virtual world.

How? Discover Portalp Live application, the first application dedicated to the automatic door that uses technology of Augmented Reality!


Portalp Live application has 2 major advantages  that make it a great tool:
- its technology integrating the Augmented Reality combines real world and virtual world to help the cutomer in its choice of an automatic door.
- its mobility allows to capture a real-time picture wherever you are.

Easy to learn, the application offers its user a unique experience by projecting him in his project and giving it life.


Portalp Live application offers its user to immerse himself in his own project, allowing him to integrate an automatic door instead of the entry he wants to modernize or renovate.

All operates on the smartphone in a real time:
> Center the facade
> Select door model in a turnstile that just runs
> Integrate the door in 3D
> Ajustment and choice  of the door color                              
> Recording and sharing project.

An editor mode allows you to refine the project and create variations endlessly.


Portalp Live is available for free on Android  platform (4.0 and more). 4 languages available: French, English, Spanish and Italian.

So experience the Augmented Reality for your Automatic Door entrance!

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