Accessibility for all & Automatic doors

Wish you make your entrance easy to access for all ? benefit from a wide opening and allow disabled people to easy come in without any action? Automatic doors are the ideal solution for all public establishments: Government offices, shops, comercial centers, businesses, Hotels / restaurants, hospitals...

You have a compliance project with access standards ?
Don't hesitate to contact us to find the best solution for your entrance.

As french manufacturer and expert in automatic opening, PORTALP help you in your project:
  • Advice and expertise
  • Choice of solutions according to the EN16005 standard
  • Study and customized quote

Whatever you have a new or renovation project, a wide or narrow entrance, we have the solution for your problem.
Beyond the regulatory constraints, your visitors will appreciate the welcome provided by all automatic doors, their smooth and safe movements, their comfort, and harmony with your premises.

Discover our range !

A range of automatic doors combining aesthetic, quality and ease of integration.
  • Sliding and Telescopic Doors
  • Round and Curved Doors
  • Control systems suitable for your use
  • Safety and detections
  • Wide range of colors to create harmony with your facade or interior
Enjoy your door with peace of mind !
  • We ensure the sustainability of your installations
  • We maintain your equipment still in good working condition
  • We modernize, ensure compliance concerning an existing installation
 Portalp offers a service covering the installation of your automatic door, but also the compliance upgrade, maintenance of existing doors regardless of the brand. Our technicians are especially trained for these operations and use original spare parts. They provide installation for the sake of a constant quality to ensure your peace of mind.