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ISO3 Swing door operator

Elegant, compact and powerful, ISO3 operator transforms easily and with discretion a manual door into automatic door. ISO3 is available in pulling or pushing version, opening on left or right side for simple or double doors. Flexible and functional, it adapts on any type of door, whether new or in renovation.
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Specialist in Automatic Doors for 50 years, PORTALP has developed a specific range for hospital and medical field. The range consists of various models which differ by their degree of airtightness.

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DIVA 5 sliding door

Known and recognized for its performance and reliability, the DIVA operator has always advanced with the passing years. DIVA4 is  now replaced by DIVA5 for more safety, flexibility and versatile use.

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TINA 2 Sliding door

The TINA concept is improving for increased security and flexibility of use. Versatile and highly efficient, TINA2 is suitable for all types of application. Its slimline casing means that it fits into all situations harmoniously... 
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FAIl SAFE lock

Acting as a safety device for Emergency Exit doors, the PORTALP positive security lock ensures the automatic opening of the doors in an emergency, in accordance with the current regulations in general public venues and residential venues (CO48).
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PORTALP's aim is to help the environment by optimising the energy performance of buildings. Today PORTALP proudly announces the first Thermal Break Automatic Door "DIVA ECOENERGY".
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DIVA L Clean is designed to respond to the requirements of the most advanced technological sectors for which a controlled atmospheric environment is necessary.
It is dedicated to sites where air permeability must be controlled : hospitals, research laboratories, clean rooms, recovery rooms...
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Sliding door in normal operation, the breakout door has sliding and semi-fixed leaves to be swung outwards in case of emergency to provide the largest possible opening...
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