Portalp training to share knowledge

The “Trades gateway” is a unique part of our activities. It offers programs to update our staff’s skills and train outside technical personnel in maintaining our products.


Sharing and spreading professional skills

Our technical training modules cover :

  • installation and commissioning
  • programming systems
  • multi-brand maintenance
  • current standards and regulations
  • workplace safety (rules, posture, PPE, working at heights)

We also regularly provide training modules in business tools and relationship role playing for sales and administrative staff.


Our group invested more than one million euros in training through the “Trades Gateway” in 2017-2018.

employees have been trained in our "Gateway to Professions" center since it opened in 2003

employees received outside training

employees received specific training in forklift trucks and aerial work platform safety and scaffolding

An in-house training center


Our training center “Trades Gateway” opened in 2003, and in 2018 we became a certified training center.

Over 100 automatic opening devices were installed in a 1,000 m² building.

The Gateway to Professions has:

  • a 400 m² workshop equipped with the most recent automatic opening systems from Portalp and partner brands
  • a 170 m² showroom dedicated to specific installations
  • several training rooms for role playing and case studies
  • the building also houses our company’s call center who take calls from our customers from all over the country