Pierre Zobda-Quitman Hospital – MARTINIQUE

Construction of the new hospital in Martinique


This project on the other side of the Atlantic comprised the installation of a control room to eliminate any risk of malfunction.
The new medico-technical wing in the Martinique hospital must also meet extreme seismic constraints. Portalp was happy to take on this technical and architectural challenge!

Furthermore, the general contractor was impressed with our know-how and entrusted us with carrying out the works: 103 door automation systems including 88 sliding doors, 14 swing door motors, and a service hatch.

This is a significant reference for Portalp’s hospital range and the organization needed to complete this project.

The project was studied by the PORTALP INTERNATIONAL business cluster, a team of experts who provide advice and assistance in completing the project. The doors were manufactured in our plant in Fontaine, France. Our local partner installed and commissioned them in close collaboration with our business cluster.

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Sliding doors

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