Securing ATM facilities against ram-raiding

Security curtains for bank security

Developed by the Portalp Security design office , in close collaboration with our partner Collbaix, this solution is the first security curtain to successfully pass the test protocol put in place in 2015 by CNPP (Centre National de prévention et de protection).

This protocol was set up in response to the increase in ram-raiding attacks against ATM facilities or during fund transfers

The test protocol put in place by CNPP consists of simulating the impact of a 1.5-ton vehicle moving at 20 km/h.

For this, a mass of 1,200 kg is dropped from a height of  3 m onto the curtain set up on the gate. The results are observed after 2 crash tests.

As the images show, the Brennus System successfully resisted the impact and is now certified. To date, it is the only solution on the market that protects against this type of attack.

It adds to the range of solutions to protect people and goods in bank branches and other sensitive sites. It is a perfect complement to the ARIES anti-ramming door designed and manufactured by Portalp and certified by the BPCE group.

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