Portalp Security: a global physical and electronic security

Portalp Security is :

> a team of security professionals

> 15 years of experience in banking and sensitive sites

> an integrated design office with a 360 measurement scanner and 3D modele

> 2,500 m² of workshops dedicated to producing security elements

> a 24/7 call center

> a national network of 26 branches and 350 support technicians

Enter the world of Portalp Security!


We offer our customers a global range physical and electronic security solutions that rely on Portalp’s multiple areas of expertise:

  • designer, manufacturer, installer, and maintainers of metalworks, locks, and aluminum joinery as well as automatic doors and the most diverse and complex opening devices
  • as an integrator of computer and electronic security and safety systems, we offer multi-brand access control, video protection, and intrusion detection technologies to protect people, goods, and places of activity.

The solutions and services that we provide are intended for public and private buildings, whether buildings that welcome the public, logistics or production sites, stores, or other places of work

Their main objectives are:

  • to fight against malicious acts and contribute to better protection of people and goods
  • to control and filter the coming and going of vehicles and pedestrians
  • to make it easy for the public and staff to move inside buildings

Portalp Security’s turnkey solutions serve customers with a rich offer that has no direct equivalent on the market.

Custom solutions for your security

You want to protect the interior and peripheral access points by closing them off with :

  • metal curtains and fences
  • gates
  • controlled vehicle entrances
  • controlled pedestrian entrances
  • anti-ramming systems

We provide a global offer that has no direct equivalent on the market and that meets all your physical and electronic security needs.

A unique range of services to support you


We can provide you with significant resources and a unique range of services, from preparing your project to supporting you in your operational issues.

  • analysis
  • property audit
  • consulting
  • design
  • installation
  • integration
  • maintenance
  • 24/7 remote surveillance and services
  • custom financing solutions
  • operational aid
  • etc.

Portalp Security’s achievements


Installation and maintenance service NF Service and APSAD
• 81 – Intrusion detection – AB categories (Referential NF367-I81) – Certificate no.: 172/12/367-81
• 82 – Video surveillance (Referential NF367-I82 ) – Certificate no.: 087/12/367-82

Certifications granted by AFNOR Certification – www.marque-nf.com and CNPP Cert. – www.cnpp.com