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Portalp’s platform barrier system

Portalp has designed and developed automatic doors and continues to take on the large-scale projects that have built its reputation around the world: Zürich Airport, Miami Airport Terminal Shuttles, Serfaus Austria People Movers.

Our RS MetroRational & Smart solution for urban Transportation” division brings its expertise to your automation projects.


What makes up a platform barrier system

Portalp offers a global platform screen door solution made up of one or more modules with their embedded control. Generally, each module includes an automatic by-part door attached to an egress swing door on either side (other configurations can be suggested upon request). The leaf includes a break-out push-bar to allow the train to evacuate.

What’s more, our tunnel access doors are a complement to this system to guarantee maximum commuter safety while allowing technical staff to quickly intervene for maintenance or to evacuate passengers (for example, if the train is stopped between two stations). Finally, our platform screen solutions also include swing doors for train drivers.

Many advantages

Platform screen solutions are growing in importance alongside the spectacular growth of automated subway lines around the world. Firstly, they ensure travelers’ safety (fewer passenger accidents) as well as the driver, if there is one. The second major benefit in installing platform screen doors is to improve on-time performance with lights to signal locked doors, for example. Last, but not least, the modular installation of our half or full-height screen doors takes less than 45 minutes (excluding ground preparation and commissioning) to help you optimize your time.

Finally, Portalp is involved in defining standards with key market players. Subway networks’ operating performance will improve, making the investment profitable while optimizing people’s safety.



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