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Bloomframe®, the balcony window

The Bloomframe® balcony window is an innovation in aluminum joinery, allowing you to open your living space to the outside while enjoying greater surface area.

Bloomframe®, the interactive balcony window, is made up of a hinged dual chassis that transforms your balcony into an extension of the existing space. Keep it closed in the winter and open it in the summer. It adds a new dimension to the layout of new builds and renovations. With its many uses, it is a perfect fit for apartment buildings, service buildings, hotels, and individual houses.

This new window concept comes with a great deal of technology :


The product advantages

  • Aluminum joinery for high thermal performance
  • Ultra-resistant mechanics to make sure the balcony window will always open and closed’ouverture/fermeture de la fenêtre balcon.
  • Embedded electronics to manage your new space in total peace of mind.



Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East


Touch screen management and command interface

– Opening/closing
– Usage information
– Maintenance management
– Manual opening and closing system in case of power failure


Individual and shared housing, hospitality, service buildings and publicly accessible buildings.


Models Capacity Max weight Dimensions
L model 3 people 270 kg W 1700 x H 2400 mm
XL model 5 people 450 kg W 2300 x H 2400 mm
XXL model 7 people 630 kg W 3000 x H 2400 mm