Full or Simple Break-out Door


Designed to meet all safety requirment in public places, the Full Break-out sliding door offers the same comfort as a traditionnal sliding door and turns itself into an emergency exit in case of an urgent evacuation need.

The full break-out leaves open as a swing door by a simple manual push, allowing the exit by all the passage width.

The Full Break-out door by Portalp becomes more democratic to offer more flexibility and guarantee a large comfort of use. Including an operator and leaves of strong conception, the Portalp system is very flexible and adapt itself exactly to every project.

Full Break-out Leaves


In case of emergency, the persons influenced by the panic can open completely the door by simple manual push of the sliding leaves and semi-fixed clearing a wide emergency opening, including in case of power cut.

In Full Break-out version, the door exists
• in simple door version : 1 sliding leaf (closing left or right) and 1 side semi-fixed leaf
• in double door version : 2 sliding leaves and 2 side or double semi-fixed leaves.

Functioning safety & Building safety

The Break-out door includes an opening detection device with positive safety : when the break-out opening is activated, the door automatically turns into manual mode to move the leaves freely without any constraint.

To combine comfort and safety, different locking systems are possible : electrical locking, mechanical locking with key, inside locking like a rack locking...

Verrouillage cremone Porte API

An inside locking by rack, functioning as an inside emergency exit bar, can be installed on the vertical frames.

Two models are proposed :
. in High locking : the Break-out opening is locked. The manual unlocking in case of emergency authorize the clearance of the sliding leaves.
. in High and Low locking : the Break-out opening and sliding opening are condemned for an optimal safety of the building (for example at the end of the day).

Simple Break-out Leaves


The SBO solution doesn't contain fixed leaves. Therefore it offers an alternative to FBO leaves for the installations needing an emergency exit in a reduced space or to respond to special applications.

In simple Break-out version, the door includes only sliding leaves that pivot to inside or outside by simple manual push to clear all the opening witdh of the door in case of an emergency.  

Combine the leaves to the operator the most adapted to your need


The Portalp Break-out leaves are universal and adapt them selves to all operators type : Tina, Diva LC et Diva…
This adaptability allows to benefit from performances of every operator type according to his project (small dimensions, major power, design...).


The Break-out door La porte Antipanique suits in the zones of intense traffic.  It is designed for an emergency exit use.

It is frequently get away from its first function to allow occasionally the passage of cumbersome objects requiring a wide opening of passage(cars, furniture…)