New Portalp control consoles

Simplicity and functionality... are what you will discover through the new range of Portalp controls: a range created with the user in mind, with a timeless universal design that can be integrated into all interior styles.


3 new consoles are proposed by Portalp that all have a refined style, contemporary lines and functionalities that are adapted to the usage.

With the new 4T console, you can control the door with the tip of your fingers as simply as a light switch. There are 4 soft-touch keys for controlling, adjusting and getting information on the status of the door. The 4T console is a 3-in-1 control system that is simple and practical for the user; it is a mode selector; a console for a few basic adjustments and an incident analysis tool all in one.

Installation Wall Wall Casing
Box dimensions 81x86 mm 81x86 mm 108x60 mm
Visible thickness 16,5 mm 20 mm 22 mm
Box colour White White Black
LED signals yes - -
Back-lit LCD screen - yes yes
IR receiver - yes yes
Compatible doors all ranges DIVA5, TINA2, DIVA L3

With NAVIBLU2 & VISIOBLU take advantage of an even more functional interface, with all the visual comfort of a wide screen. The back-lit LCD display screen provides high level luminosity and enables you to view the status of the door in the blink of an eye in one of the most universal languages comprised of pictograms, numbers and international units of measure.

NAVIBLU2 is intended for wall installation. Its central navigation button gives access to all the functionalities required to control, adjust, configure and communicate with the door. Possible incidents are indicated by pictograms.

As for VISIOBLU, it is housed within a case and is designed to function with a remote control, with all the needed comfort. It offers the same functionalities as the NAVIBLU2 while being more discreet and less vulnerable as it is installed at a height.