About Portalp

Quality & Service

Investing permanently in the Research and development, Portalp knew how to make recognize the qualities of performance, reliability and design of its products.


ISO-certified 9001 since the end of 2003, PORTALP confirms its commitment in an initiative of progress and quality, which is also translated by the certification of its products. The range PORTALP is certified CE and respect European directives regarding Safety or the specific standards in certain countries (TÜV Certification).

Portalp develops intensive use operators of big capacities, answering standard or specific uses. The ranges of profiles associated to technical glazings allow to answer criteria of sound and thermal insulation. Sophisticated control devices allow the user to parametrize his door as he wants. Safety devices guarantee a safe and serene functioning of the door … The respect for regulations in force, the european and international directives always stays a priority stake for Portalp.