About Portalp

Our history

Histoire et Savoir-faire

Portalp has been designing and developing automated opening systems for over 50 years. A long journey has been madesince the first hydraulic systems up to today's intelligent and high-tech automatic doors.

The company is located in the heart of the Alps (Isère-France) and is the biggest French manufacturer and market leader. The influence of Portalp has extended beyond France since 1997 and its sales network now covers many countries both in Europe and throughout the world.

Our know-how

Portalp's success is based on two main features :

  • The unique know-how and permanent technological leadership built up over the years leading to Portalp's fame for product quality and reliability.

  • Market driven, listening to customer expectations, PORTALP offers an overall range of products and services adapted to cultural and technical specifications of each country.

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