About Portalp

Our values

Portalp finds its foundations in values towards which all employees has to aim and recognize.
The slogan of Portalp articulates around three big values:
• Quality
• Respect
• Innovation

Each of these words takes on for Portalp a particular sense which guides us in a strategy, a policy and our actions.

These values serve as headlight all around of which our partners gather, recognize and develop. They draw their origins from the history of the company and guide us to build our future.


Our strength of innovation is not only at the heart of our concerns but also of those of every user that expect safety, performance and intelligence from an automatic door.

To Innovate : it is the course which Portalp will continue to maintain for the advantage of its customers.


The Quality is not an additional asset of the company but a fundamental value to ensure its sustainability.

The strength of Portalp lies in its employees and the state of mind in which they work every day to ensure the required quality level, in products as in services.


  • Of the customers throughout the following points :
    Quality of products
    Quality of service
    Delivery on time
    Respect for the commitments
    Service and listening

  • in relationships

  • Of the environment and the sustainable development : actions concerning the lead, the toxic products, the packagings, the waste treatment, the recycling of products...